Padbury Investment Property Makeover

The owner gained an additional $75,000 profit in his back pocket with the right level of investment.

Investment properties are here to make the owner money in the long term from a weekly rental income and also through the capital growth of the property. However, there are times when property management has not been well managed either by the owner or the property managers.  The outcome can only lead to a reduced sale price or a pre-investment to bring the property back to standard.

This was the case for these owners who's family home had been poorly looked after by a family friend who was living in the home, whilst they were re-assigned overseas.  The property was in poor condition and was unlikely to read a low $500,000 in it's current condition.

What did SpruceUps do?  We gave the clinet confidence that their home would be transformed for sale and that it would be cost effectively done, in a short period of time and they would gain a return on their presale property makeover investment and also hire furniture property styling.  

Padbury is located in the Northern suburbs of Perth and has a reasonable demand by buyers.  The houses are generally dark brick, with open feature brick in-side and can be small bedrooms and living spaces.  

Facts and Figures for the Case Study

  • Initial Appraisal by Agent -Low $540,000
  • Investment by Owner - $30,00 (inclusive of hire furniture rental)
  • Time to Complete by Spruce Ups - 3 weeks (makeover and home staging)
  • Listing Price - $580,000
  • SALE Price - $620,000
  • Time to Sell - 1st home open

Who wouldn't want to double their money?  KNowing how to sucessfully achieve this is the key to making a presale investment work for you as an owner.

There were so many problems presented with this property and on limited budget, we had to invest wisely for the owners.

Master Ensuite - Before and After

Tired, unattractive and extremely dated.  The yellow glass was a must remove. Renovations don't always delivery the value due to the high cost of renovations, but cosmetic transformations such as these will create the right level of profit for the seller.


Living Area - Before and After

Carpets were trashed by the tenant, the colours were too dark and the curtains were ill-fitting.  Small changes now make it a modern and vibrant area.


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