Iluka Case Study

Presale Home Makeover increased property value by over $80,000

Iluka is located in the North Suburbs of Perth and the property is within a 2km distance to the local beach.

The property was an investment property and had been rented for a number of years whilst the owners were working up North in Port Hedland. The property was in reasonable condition but had signs of wear and tear and some tenant damage. The Iluka property market was highly competitive and can be a little “fickled”. Therefore the makeover and final property styling for sale were important to target the right range of buyers and ensure the property stood out from the competition and got sold.

Our presale home makeover recommendations and management covered all bases from the garden, colour selection, repairs and maintenance through to the home staging with hire furniture options. This gave the property the best marketing opportunity with the professional real estate photos and for home opens.

We generally recommend owners give tenants notice and have them vacate the property to enable the makeover and styling to be completed with minimal hassle and in the shortest possible time. Leaving tenants in a property creates a new set of challenges and in many cases can devalue the property. As an owner, when a tenant is in the property you have little to no control of over their furniture, clutter, living standards, cleanliness and final presentation for any home opens.

The final colour and styling was about family, warm and inviting and to show the large space and potential the property offered.

Facts and Figures for the Iluka Case Study 

  • Initial Appraisal by Agent - $700,000 - ,720,000
  • Investment by Owner - $21,000 (inclusive)
  • Time to Complete by Spruce Ups - 3 weeks (makeover and home staging)
  • Listing Price - $810,000
  • SALE Price - $810,000 
  • Time to Sell - 1st home open

Before and After Makeover and Styling - Master Bedroom

The charcoal was intense and painted on the exterior section of the bulk head wall. We updated the colour to give is some glamour and warmth and only painted the wall inside the bulk head. Hire furniture added the touch of styled


Before and After Makeover and Styling - Main Living Area

The living area was styled as dining room and the colour was tired and dated. To give it a sense of warm and inviting for family we added stylish hire furniture and brought in the same colour from the master bedroom to maintain consistency with the colours in the home.


Before and After Makeover and Styling - Home Theatre Room

The furniture was oversized for the room and blocked the door ways, carpets were worn and tired. Hire furniture and new carpets gave new life to the room.



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