How do we differ from Hire Furniture Comanies?

Research indicates that the vast majority of buyers (~83%) will pay a premium price for a property if it's turn-key ready, they don't want to purchase anything that needs work.  We view furniture and accessories as the final icing on the cake, the essential final step in preparing a home ready for sale.  If the property has not been maintained, modernised or spruced up, no amount of stylish furniture and accessories will hide the underlying fact that the property is in poor condition and not ready for the buyer to move in.


Hire furniture companies hire out furniture and accessories and stage the home for sale, however, they do not provide you with the information required to actually prepare the home for sale unlike our 5 Step Spruce Up Process that lists styling as the final step and not the first port of call. We will assess the state of the property room by room, inside and outside, detailing to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the home and the level of work required to make it a premium property.


Where we differ is that we work within your budget to come up with smart and cost effective solutions to prepare your home for sale


You can only achieve the WOW FACTOR if every detail of the property has been considered prior to the final staging and styling.  Furniture selection and dressing is only a small part of the home staging / presale makeover / process.

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