Are you thinking about selling your home yourself?

As a seller we want to maximise our sale value and gain as much profit as we can.  In this haste we sometimes decide to sell the home ourselves.  For sale by owner has grown successfully over the past number of years, however there are pitfuls that many sellers make.

If you want to maximise your profits at sale, then investing in your home to prepare it correctly can easily cover the cost of a real estate agent and still provide greater profit at sale.

There are some key considerations for a seller deciding to sell their home privately:-

  1. Do you know the true value of your home?
  2. Have you invested in preparing it to suit your target buyer market?
  3. Do you know the target buyer market?
  4. Do you have sound negotiation skills?
  5. Do you know the legal bits and pieces with regards to selling your home?
  6. Have you completed the contract correctly?
  7. Have you got it listed on

These are just some questions I think that sellers needs to consider.  Spruce Ups recommends investing in preparing your home and you will easily cover the investment in a real estate agent and more.  

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