My Agent said my Property Presentation was OK?

This is a common mistake. Clients have come to me months after they listed, distressed and frustrated.  Their properties were neat and tidy but there were key problems that would turn buyers off or heavily discount the sale price.  In addition, the agent was getting the clients to discount their home after 2-3 weeks.  This reflects the presentation and price are not balanced (3P's of selling Price, Presentation and Promotion). Therefore it is unlikely that the property will sell unless the presentation is changed or further discounting of the price occurs. 

It is cheaper to use a Presale Makeover and Property Styling business to get the right presentation for the property, rather than discount the sale price further.  Agents are not property stylists!

In a competitive market, sellers need to take selling their home seriously and invest in preparing their home.  Don't lose value on your home because your presentation is not right.  You want to get your home SOLD.

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