Should I Renovate My Home for Sale?

This would be the most common question asked by home owners that have a property around 15+ years old.  "Should I Renovate my home for Sale?  

The definition of RENOVATE is to "restore, make good, repair, refurbish, rejuvenate, make new etc".

Spruce Ups which is a different way of saying cost effective "makeover", "renovation", "rejuvenation" etc.  We often think that renovations will cost in the order of $100,000+.  When infact they can be simple Spruce Ups or mini-renovations for around $20,000-50,000. 

Spruced Up and Listed: 121 Riverton Drive, Rossmoyne

We worked with the owners to show case this beautiful home, providing guidance and advise on how to prepare it for sale.

Should you use Aromas in a Property for Sale?

There are so many aspects to styling a property for sale, from cleaning, maintenance through to staging and styling ready for the first home open. But should we be proactive in creating extra ambience by brewing a pot of coffee, baking bread, burning candles or oils? Are these really beneficial?...............