5 Tips to Improve Your Rental Property Appeal

The current rental market across Perth has slowed leaving some investors with empty properties and lower rents. However, there are always ways to improve the appeal of your rental property to ensure you get a tenant and a reasonable rental income.

Here are my 5 tips for investors to consider to improve the appeal of their investment property.

What`s the Difference Between Renovations and Makeovers?


If you’re trying to sell your home or are working on your property styling, you might be considering an update of your kitchen. Older kitchens can make it more difficult to sell and decrease the amount you profit from the sale. Kitchen renovations or makeovers may seem like the answer—but there are differences between the two, and at Spruce Ups we know it’s important to be familiar with those differences before you start.


Should I renovate my home before Sale?

It's a buyer market right now, but it once was a balanced market and a boom market.  But the same question can be asked no matter what market you are trading in, when it comes to property.

Should I renovate?

If so, how much and what should I do would most likely be the next big questions.  But many home buyers forgot one thing to ask themselves.......

Is this my "forever" home 


Is it a "temporary" home?