The Benefits of Engaging a Property Stager to Help you Prepare your Home for Sale

Whether you’re a homeowner or a real estate agent trying to make the best out of a property for sale, it pays to consider what property styling or home staging can do to make it easier – and more profitable – for you.  Outsourcing to a professional and independent expert ensures the best outcome for the sale of the home.

What's the true cost of a vacant property for sale?

Many home owners with vacant properties face tough decisions on what they should be investing in when presenting their home for sale to maximise their sale value.

One of those decisions, is whether to place hire furniture in their home to stage their property for sale.

This case study by SpruceUps on the true cost of a vacant property to a home owner is a great example of the true losses a home owner will incur by leaving their property vacant.

It costs more in the long run to leave it vacant.

Vacant homes take twice as long to sell.

Vacant homes sell at a discount on the listing price.

What you need to know to Effectively Style your Home for Sale

As a home owner we have our "rose coloured" glasses on and are styling our home to suit our taste rather than the potential buyer of your home.  This is a common mistake by sellers who don't realise that staging a home for sale is more than "fluffing a cushion". As an expert I take you through a number of key fundamentals I work through with my clients so they know how to get the best presentation for maximum sale value.

Think like a buyer when styling your home for Sale

One of the common mistakes that sellers make is not thinking like a buyer when styling their property for sale in Perth. We tend to style to suit our taste, which may not always be the best styling solution. Incorrect and poor styling can lead to a loss of profit for a seller.  As a seller you need to think like a buyer and consider many factors to ensure your styling hits your target market.  Get this right and you will maximise your sale value by $10,000's in profit.

What colours are appropriate to use when preparing a home for sale?

In preparing and styling your home for sale, one of the most cost-effective makeovers you can undertake for better home presentation is painting.  Painting instantly freshens up the overall look and feel of your home. It can also help give your home a whole new different character with the right choice of colour.... 

The wrong colour can make your rooms much smaller than they really are.

How to successfully de-clutter your home for sale

Easy ways to pre-pack your home in preparation for home opens

Of all the preparations that can be done to get your home ready for sale, de-cluttering is one of the most important.  I like to call it pre-packing, because de-cluttering can have an “overwhelming” feel for many people, especially those that are slight hoarders or have lived in their home for a long period.

Common Property Staging Myths - BUSTED


Everyone has real estate advice. Well-meaning family, friends, and even strangers often love sharing their ideas about preparing a home for sale—but those ideas aren’t always good ones. Here are some common myths about property staging.


Quick Ways to De-Clutter Your Home for Sale

Preparing to sell your home can seem like a monumental task, especially if you are dealing with years of accumulated memories, photos, furniture etc.

De-cluttering your home is the easiest and most effective way to prepare your home for sale that will provide the greatest return to you as a seller. 

10 Common Mistakes by Property Sellers

Property styling or home staging by a professional is all about identifying the features and the flaws of a home, an evaluation which may be done on a room-to-room basis or an overall point of view. Along with understanding any problem areas, home staging looks at maximising the key areas in the home when presenting it for sale.

Is Renovation Reality TV Reality?

There are so many Renovation Reality TV Programs on free and paid TV. But are they reality for the average renovator.  We get caught up with the emotions around the beautiful furniture and accessories, the new kitchenand bathrooms.  We forget that they have high budgets and are squeezing a lot of work into a very short period of time.  They are also structural renovations rather than simple cosmetic renovations.


Presentation vs Price - Why can't I sell my Home?

If wonder why some homes sell fast and others take forever to sell?  

Generally it is because the presentation or the price is not meeting what the market thinks.  So who determines the price of your home??????? Buyers, not real estate agents, not you and not your friends and family.  However, your real estate agent is their to provide a guide range, which is your appraisal.  So when you get your appraisal we all what to be at the higher end of that range and that is where Sprucing Up your home for Sale can make a huge difference.