Should I Renovate My Home for Sale?

This would be the most common question asked by home owners that have a property around 15+ years old.  "Should I Renovate my home for Sale?  

The definition of RENOVATE is to "restore, make good, repair, refurbish, rejuvenate, make new etc".

Spruce Ups which is a different way of saying cost effective "makeover", "renovation", "rejuvenation" etc.  We often think that renovations will cost in the order of $100,000+.  When infact they can be simple Spruce Ups or mini-renovations for around $20,000-50,000. 

What you need to know to Effectively Style your Home for Sale

As a home owner we have our "rose coloured" glasses on and are styling our home to suit our taste rather than the potential buyer of your home.  This is a common mistake by sellers who don't realise that staging a home for sale is more than "fluffing a cushion". As an expert I take you through a number of key fundamentals I work through with my clients so they know how to get the best presentation for maximum sale value.

How to improve your property presentation for under $500.

Cleaning is the cheapest and most effective way to instantly transform your home from grime to shine.  It will improve your property presentation for sale instantly.

Not everyone's levels of cleanliness are the same but when it comes to selling your home, there is a minimum standard Spruce Ups knows you must have - that is the property must "Shine, sparkle and scream clean".

Before you put up your home for sale, put on your heavy-duty gloves, get out the industrial strength vacuum cleaner, your sugar soap and othe products and get ready to do some serious major presale cleaning.

As a home seller, you should remember that first impressions last; cluttered family rooms, dusty sills, mouldy shower areas, unkempt kitchens and rundown patios can turn off your buyers at the get-go.  Buyers will look at your spotty shower screen, brown stain in your toilet bowel, trapped insects in your light fixtures, or your moss covered paving and see that the present owners didn’t car. 

The Benefits of Hire Furniture for Selling Your Home

Hire furniture adds a distinctive difference to a vacant home. When you present a vacant home for sale, the majority of buyers will be unable to visualise how all that space can best be furnished and utilised. Empty spaces can sometimes make your home appear smaller than it actually is. Hire furniture can provide the perspective that your buyers need.

Is Renovation Reality TV Reality?

There are so many Renovation Reality TV Programs on free and paid TV. But are they reality for the average renovator.  We get caught up with the emotions around the beautiful furniture and accessories, the new kitchenand bathrooms.  We forget that they have high budgets and are squeezing a lot of work into a very short period of time.  They are also structural renovations rather than simple cosmetic renovations.


How to get sold in 5 days?

There is a formula that works and works well, but it requires effort from homeowners to make the formula work. Selling in under 4 weeks is a good outcome given the market conditions currently in Perth. The key to successful selling is sound property presentation for sale.  Staging your home for sale is key to getting the emotional buyer to put an offer on paper.

Presale Home Makeover Specialists Share Property Styling Tips

The fact that home staging helps to sell a property cannot be denied; staged homes sell faster and for more money. Professional property home staging specialists are able to share simple and inexpensive tips to help homeowners set a good first impression.

What paint colour should I use in my home for Sale?

One of the most common changes sellers can make to their home is painting.  

It is like an instant face lift for the home and well worth the investment!  BUT the next question is "What colour should I use?" 

One of the most common mistakes that sellers make when prepaing their home for sale is the incorrect use of colour and paint.  This can be a big disaster if you don't get it right.  Too many sellers simply think of re-applying the same colour that they have had on their walls for 20 years, rather than taking the opportunity to update the look and feel.