How to improve your property presentation for under $500.

Cleaning is the cheapest and most effective way to instantly transform your home from grime to shine.  It will improve your property presentation for sale instantly.

Not everyone's levels of cleanliness are the same but when it comes to selling your home, there is a minimum standard Spruce Ups knows you must have - that is the property must "Shine, sparkle and scream clean".

Before you put up your home for sale, put on your heavy-duty gloves, get out the industrial strength vacuum cleaner, your sugar soap and othe products and get ready to do some serious major presale cleaning.

As a home seller, you should remember that first impressions last; cluttered family rooms, dusty sills, mouldy shower areas, unkempt kitchens and rundown patios can turn off your buyers at the get-go.  Buyers will look at your spotty shower screen, brown stain in your toilet bowel, trapped insects in your light fixtures, or your moss covered paving and see that the present owners didn’t car. 

Quick Ways to De-Clutter Your Home for Sale

Preparing to sell your home can seem like a monumental task, especially if you are dealing with years of accumulated memories, photos, furniture etc.

De-cluttering your home is the easiest and most effective way to prepare your home for sale that will provide the greatest return to you as a seller. 

10 Common Mistakes by Property Sellers

Property styling or home staging by a professional is all about identifying the features and the flaws of a home, an evaluation which may be done on a room-to-room basis or an overall point of view. Along with understanding any problem areas, home staging looks at maximising the key areas in the home when presenting it for sale.