Spring Spruce Up - What are Buyers Looking for?

If you are preparing to sell your home, you have undoubtedly wondered what makes some homes sell right away while others stay on the market for months at a time.

While location, price, and other considerations are always factors in how quickly a home sells, it is equally important to make sure the home is appealing to potential buyers with the use of hire furniture and property styling.

How to successfully de-clutter your home for sale

Easy ways to pre-pack your home in preparation for home opens

Of all the preparations that can be done to get your home ready for sale, de-cluttering is one of the most important.  I like to call it pre-packing, because de-cluttering can have an “overwhelming” feel for many people, especially those that are slight hoarders or have lived in their home for a long period.

Quick Ways to De-Clutter Your Home for Sale

Preparing to sell your home can seem like a monumental task, especially if you are dealing with years of accumulated memories, photos, furniture etc.

De-cluttering your home is the easiest and most effective way to prepare your home for sale that will provide the greatest return to you as a seller.