Should I Renovate My Home for Sale?

This would be the most common question asked by home owners that have a property around 15+ years old.  "Should I Renovate my home for Sale?  

The definition of RENOVATE is to "restore, make good, repair, refurbish, rejuvenate, make new etc".

Spruce Ups which is a different way of saying cost effective "makeover", "renovation", "rejuvenation" etc.  We often think that renovations will cost in the order of $100,000+.  When infact they can be simple Spruce Ups or mini-renovations for around $20,000-50,000. 

Why should you de-personalise a home for sale?

Depersonalising a home for sale is when we remove all of our family photos, education certificates, religious items or any other personal art.  By why do it?


Common Mistakes by Sellers that will blow your budget

Spring is in the air and sellers start to come out of the wood work ready to sell. It is a great time to sell as the gardens are looking their best, however our houses have taken a battering over the winter months and need a Spruce Up so you can get the most from the sale of your home....................

Spruced Up and Listed: 121 Riverton Drive, Rossmoyne

We worked with the owners to show case this beautiful home, providing guidance and advise on how to prepare it for sale.

Should you use Aromas in a Property for Sale?

There are so many aspects to styling a property for sale, from cleaning, maintenance through to staging and styling ready for the first home open. But should we be proactive in creating extra ambience by brewing a pot of coffee, baking bread, burning candles or oils? Are these really beneficial?...............

What you need to know to Effectively Style your Home for Sale

As a home owner we have our "rose coloured" glasses on and are styling our home to suit our taste rather than the potential buyer of your home.  This is a common mistake by sellers who don't realise that staging a home for sale is more than "fluffing a cushion". As an expert I take you through a number of key fundamentals I work through with my clients so they know how to get the best presentation for maximum sale value.

Think like a buyer when styling your home for Sale

One of the common mistakes that sellers make is not thinking like a buyer when styling their property for sale in Perth. We tend to style to suit our taste, which may not always be the best styling solution. Incorrect and poor styling can lead to a loss of profit for a seller.  As a seller you need to think like a buyer and consider many factors to ensure your styling hits your target market.  Get this right and you will maximise your sale value by $10,000's in profit.

Price Reduction Strategy. Is that working for the sale of your home?

Excited to be on the market, but after 3 weeks you realise that it is not going the way you hoped. Your agent is saying there is a lack of interest in your listing and the price needs to drop.  How did that happen?  They appraised it you went with them based on the appraisal price?

Your heart starts to sink and you start to question the whole strategy on your listing price.   Well you are not alone.  Every seller relies on their agent to provide the right price guide.

Presentation vs Price - Why can't I sell my Home?

If wonder why some homes sell fast and others take forever to sell?  

Generally it is because the presentation or the price is not meeting what the market thinks.  So who determines the price of your home??????? Buyers, not real estate agents, not you and not your friends and family.  However, your real estate agent is their to provide a guide range, which is your appraisal.  So when you get your appraisal we all what to be at the higher end of that range and that is where Sprucing Up your home for Sale can make a huge difference.

Should I renovate my home before Sale?

It's a buyer market right now, but it once was a balanced market and a boom market.  But the same question can be asked no matter what market you are trading in, when it comes to property.

Should I renovate?

If so, how much and what should I do would most likely be the next big questions.  But many home buyers forgot one thing to ask themselves.......

Is this my "forever" home 


Is it a "temporary" home?