What paint colour should I use in my home for Sale?

One of the most common changes sellers can make to their home is painting.

It is like an instant face lift for the home and well worth the investment!  BUT the next question is "What colour should I use?" 

I have been recommending Dulux colours to 100's of sellers, but this doesn't mean that you can't explore Wattyl, Solver or other paint options.

One of the most common mistakes that sellers make when preparing their home for sale is the incorrect use of colour and paint.  This can be a big disaster if you don't get it right.  Too many sellers simply think of re-applying the same colour that they have had on their walls for 20 years, rather than taking the opportunity to update the look and feel.

Even though painting is not cheap it can provide a significant uplift to the value of your home.  In general I say that an investment in painting can see a 2 to 3 times return on your investment.  The strategy for painting your home should be two fold:-

  1. To freshen it up ; and
  2. To modernise.

Each of the above will deliver a different cost, with one requiring less work and the other will be a full paint makeover.

Each home has it's own light source and reflections that will have an impact on how the colour looks in "your home".  There is no such thing as "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" with the use of colour.  What I mean, is, that what looks good in my home may not necessarily look good in your home.  This is impacted by the natural light, reflections, internal lights and more.

Here is an example of a colour that is a great option that generally will work with most properties. 

Dulux Buff It - Great simple paint colour with beige/brown tone that suits majority of homes.  No real conflicting colour hues.

If you want a feature colour wall - use the full strength for the feature colour and the quarter for the other walls.

I recommend to paint ceilings white and apply light colours to wet areas in the home..

The reliance on the painter to provide colours has lead the over-use of Dulux's Hogs Bristle.  This is one of the biggest sellers in the Dulux range.  Painters are not colour consultants and can not generally give you the right colour advice needed.  
In 5 years of providing advice to sellers, I have never recommend this colour to any of my 100's of clients. Why?  The colour is too creamy in tone and I feel dates the look and feel of the property.  For the sale process you want a modern, fresh and appealing look.   There are better colour options to choose from that will create the perfect look and feel for your walls.

How do you test the colour to make sure it's right for your home?  These are my 3 tips to ensure you get the right colour without painting a wall:-
  1. Get a tester pot from your local paint supplier.
  2. Paint the colour onto an A4 sheet of paper (repeat for all areas)
  3. Blu-tak this to the wall in at least two different areas in the same room.
Why do I suggest the use of paper?  When people paint tester colours on the wall they continue to add to the existing area.  They end up with 5 colours and get what I call "colour confused".
This way you can put up the individual colours and see them in their full glory to ensure they are the right ones for you.
I always caution people when deciding to select whites and greys.  They can end up with blue / purple walls.  White is generally not a colour I would recommend to use on the walls.  It can make the room too sterile and stark.  You want colour personality in the room, but toned to suit the buying audience.
Knowing who your buying audience is very helpful when preparing a home for sale.
So what colour is right for you?  It is difficult to say without standing in your home. But here are some tips:-
  1. Ensure the colour has a warm tone to it.
  2. No feature walls.
  3. No bright colours.
  4. No effects i.e pearls, suede effects.
  5. Stick with quarter or half strengths
The right use of paint colour in a home can truly impact how a buyer feels when they enter a home. 
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