Is Renovation Reality TV Reality?

Who watches Renovation Reality TV.

There are so many Renovation Reality TV Programs on free and paid TV. I get asked by many of my friends and clients, do you watch these TV Programs? The answer is Yes and NO. I watch them based on interest of what they are selling and if they are achieveable for the average home owner or my clients.

Do you sit there and love what the transformation delivers? Do you start searching the websites for ideas and then start the process of seeing if you can acheive the same outcome? I know I use to. The biggest challenge I see is that the delivery of the renovations is no way close to Realty and is unachieveable by the average home owner.

What you don't see as the audience is some of the poor quality finishes to the property which is not uncommon with DIY renovators. The challenge for any DIY Renovator is to know when they need to bring in a profressinal to do the job to get the finish they want.

How does this convert if you are thinking of selling now or in the future? The DIY renovations that are shown on free to air TV Renovation Programs have their own target audience. One program is about selling luxury apartments, the other is for the home owners own tastes and wants. Taking this into consideration you may need to consider :-

  • The renovations are not targetted to the buyer audience for your home
  • The timeframe for the renovations might be unattainable
  • They are structural renovations and not just cosmetic
  • The budget for the renovations are rarely revealed
  • The selection of accessories and items are over the top

I wonder who can afford a cupboard handle at $50 a piece?  It just seems to be out of touch with reality given the quality of the properites they are renovating.  To me it sets an realistic and unachieveable standard for many renovators.

Majority of these programs complete "structural renovation" rather than "cosmetic renovations". The difference is that the first will require building approvals. The second is all about cosmetic and simple changes.

I believe most home owners can achieve an amazing outcome for any renovation they undertake. However, where things can go wrong is when they allow their emotions, personal taste and wants come into play.

If you are wanting to renovate on the basis that you will sell in the future, then maybe consider these 3 questions?

  • Do you renovate to your own personal taste?
  • How far do you take your own personal wants and desires?
  • What do you need to undo when you decide to sell?

The 3rd question is the crucial. I always say to my clients when you live in your home you can renovate and style it to your personal taste. When you decide to sell you may find that this is not suitable to your buyer market. This means you may need to invest money to un-do your renovations so that they are more desirable to the buyer audience for your home.

If you want to embark on a renovation for sale then gaining support and guidance to ensure you make the right decisions is important.  

Another important note is that POOR DIY Renovations can DE-VALUE your property!  Just be mindful of what your skill set you have and where your limitations for DIY work is.  If you can't do it right then don't do it at all.  Get the professionals in.  You will always gain a return on your investment.

Remember you are renovating to maximise your profit.  Not Every $1 you spend on your renovation will provide a return so you need to be mindful of developing the right Pre-sale Renovation Strategy so you maximise your profit.