What you need to know to Effectively Style your Home for Sale

Now you have decided to sell your home and you think that you are doing well. Every seller wants top dollar and to sell fast. However, so many sellers don't get it right.  Why is this?  Many sellers are leaving $10,000 in profit behind when they sell.

  • Do you love the way you style your home?
  • Do your family and friends tell you how wonderful your home looks?
  • Do you love your colourful walls?

I want to share my client's story that provides a sense of why you need to think out of the box for your property presentation for sale.

Who doesn't have a neat and tidy home that is well maintained. Most of us do and we are all house proud. But this alone may be losing you $10,000 in profit at sale and there is a reason for this.

My client Shirley had a well kept home, super tidy, modern kitchen and amazing back yard. The agents that came through said it was beautiful and indicated that she really didn't have to do much, just a little de-clutter.   The usual points from an agent. Now she wanted to push the market and the agents were afraid to go to where she wanted to go.  They wanted her to maintain a sale price of $540,000-$550,000.

I agree her house was beautifully kept and upon entering it looked perfect the way it was. Now Shirley had planned the next stage in her life, as she was downsizing as her kids had left home. She wanted to focus on her new hobby and less on maintaining a home and had decided to build a new home. So she needed as much money as possible from the sale of her home as possible. Does this sound familiar?

All my conversations with my clients start with 3 key areas:-

  • Desired Outcome
  • Value and Value Gap
  • Buyer Market

So who were the buyers for Shirley's home:-

  • Young families
  • Investors
  • Downsizes (family downsizing)

Looking at buyer market for Shirley's  home and her desired outcome and value gap, we started to plan what needed to be adjusted with her presentation to achieve her desired outcome. . 

Knowing who the buyers for your home is fundamental to your styling.

If you don't know who they are you will not be able to  present the home for sale and attract the right buyers at the home open.   

WHY I hear you ask?   

You have relied upon the feedback from your friends and your own heart, rather than focus on who you are staging your home for.  You are presenting your home for the largest buyer market and not yourself.

Space = Value, so you need to ensure each space in your home is maximised to gain premium sales results.

Transforming spaces can unlock $10,000s in value and many sellers miss these opportunities as they style to the way they live.

Majority of sellers get it wrong and make a very common mistake, because they have styled to suit themselves and not the buyer. If you don't style for the buyer then you could be losing $10,000s in profit.

Home staging is more than "fluffing a cushion", it is about preparing and presenting a marketable commodity into the local real estate market. So that the house will stand out from the competition and draw the most amount of buyers to the home opens or auction and gain multiple offers.

So my question to you is - Do you want that extra $5,000 or $10,000 in your back pocket or do you want to give it away to the buyer? If the answer is YES you want the extra profit, then you need to change the way you present your home to unlock the profit.

Would you like to know more and how to apply some of these principles to your home?

I continue to share the story of Shirley in my FREE Webinar "Property Presentation Profit Boosters" and I would love for you to join me and here how she gained $35,000 for a minor investment and small changes.  Learn how you can apply Shirley's learnings to your own home and profit.