The Benefits of Engaging a Property Stager to Help you Prepare your Home for Sale

Whether you’re a homeowner or a real estate agent trying to make the best out of a property for sale, it pays to consider what property styling or home staging can do to make it easier – and more profitable – for you.  Outsourcing to a professional and independent expert ensures the best outcome for the sale of the home.

Property staging is about packaging and presenting a home for sale as a marketable product to differentiate your home from the others on the market so that the home owner get sold faster and for top dollar.

A properly staged home will always sell faster given a balance of other factors and for a higher price than if nothing was done at all.  It saves the owners time and money and the real estate agents trying to sell the home. 

 more inviting to your buyers. Real estate agents and homeowners who know its benefits often consult the expert opinion of a professional home stager or property stylist to present the home in its best light. They understand that this helps increase the chances that their property will sell faster – and at a higher price.

Poorly presented and unmaintained homes sell at an average of 7-10% less than the listing price and will take more than the average time on market to sell.  This creates an inconvenience to the home owner having to continually do home opens, the real estate agent and costs everyone time and money.  Investing upfront in a property stager will save you time and money each and every time no matter what your budget is.

Professional companies like Spruce Ups are independent professional experts in presale property presentation and only do presale property makeover and styling.  They have proven track record and know how to enhance each and every property in Perth.

Assessment and Report

An assessment and report s the first step that allows the experienced property stylist see your home and to understand what needs to be done for a each property. No two properties are the same and each requires different levels of changes.  These include:

  • de-cluttering or removal of unnecessary/inappropriate items;
  • detailed and thorough DIY or professional cleaning;
  • painting, repairs and refurbishing;
  • change, removal or addition of new furniture and fixtures;
  • rearranging of existing furniture; and
  • what, if any, hire furniture is required.

De-cluttering (Pre-packing)

Professional presale home stagers know when to keep it simple and more appealing to a wider buyer market. They know how to set up the furniture in each room, so that the spaces flow smoothly into each other and buyers find it easier to navigate through the house. They can recommend which items in the home should be retained and which ones need to be packed away and stored.


They see your home through a fresh set of eyes that can unlock hidden sale value, as the way we live in our homes is not always the way we should present them for sale.

They will see to it that the home is free of personal items and mementoes that may distract buyers from seeing themselves in your home. They aim to create a generally attractive and open atmosphere that will entice buyers to your home.

Final Styling for Marketing and Home Opens

When a property is untenanted or empty, the lack of furnishings may disappoint prospective buyers who only see empty spaces and are unable to visualise space and can sometimes highlight more imperfections in the home that necessary when it is furnished.

Vacant properties are proven to take twice as long to sell and sell at a heavy discount on the listing price.  Investing upfront in hire furniture for selling our home can save you lost income and value of $10,000s in value.

If you home has existing furniture the professional stager can help you re-arrange your existing furniture to suit the flow and traffic of each room and ensure it is not cluttered and buyers can see the space.  This expert service delivers exceptional value to sellers of up $5,000 more for simple changes.

Property staging takes into account a holistic approach to preparing your home for sale and each area can be assessed to ensure you maximise your sale price.  They will also tell you how to stage the property for the home open.

They can give property owners the option of using hire furniture and accessories to spruce up the home for presentation purposes.

Best Presale Investment – Cleaning and repairs

One of the most important improvements a property stager or stylist may recommend for a property, and certainly one of the most value-adding and cost-effective action, is a good, thorough cleaning. Often, they know what needs cleaning even when you think everything’s spic-and-span. Should areas in the home require a professional level to deal with issues, then the staging specialist will advice you and direct you to the right people to do the job, from tiling, carpet through to window cleaning and jetwashing.

Property stagers will gladly share with you their preferred list of trusted provider. This list is extensive and the service providers have genersally been evaluated by the stager for quality of service, delivery and pricing.

Project Management from ordinary to extraordinary

Once you hire a complete “one-stop shop” property staging service like Spruce Ups to manage your property staging project, they will be with you every step of the way until you list for sale. After the assessment, consultation and agreement of work scope, the stylist will visit the property regularly to ensure that all the works are progressing as agreed. They will make updates and adjustments to the original plans if these are needed to freshen up the look of the property.

Professional home stagers can also give you tips for marketing with photography, write ups and also choosing the right real estate agents