10 Common Mistakes by Property Sellers

Property styling or home staging by a professional is all about identifying the features and the flaws of a home, an evaluation which may be done on a room-to-room basis or an overall point of view. Along with understanding any problem areas, home staging looks at maximising the key areas in the home when presenting it for sale.

Why do sellers need professional property styling or home staging? Each home has a different demographic when it comes to buyers, and it’s important to take this into account when preparing your home for sale. It is difficult to apply a cookie-cutter process to styling or staging properties. That’s why professional home stagers need to consider each property individually.

Property styling or home staging in Perth is essentially about preparing, packaging and presenting your home for sale in a manner that makes it sell quickly and gets the best possible price. It’s all about maximising the value of the property while minimising spending for the seller, in order to achieve the right balance of desirability and appeal for the widest range of buyers for that home.

Ten Common Mistakes that Sellers Make:

1)      Clutter – This means there are too many things in too small a space. This may even mean furniture that is too large for the room it is in.

2)      Misuse of colour – From walls to carpets to soft furnishings, the correct use of colour is essential to set the right tone and mood for each room.

3)      Lack of cleanliness – Everyone’s level of cleanliness is different, and therefore, when we talk about cleaning, we talk about making your property shine more than it did in the whole time that you lived there.

4)      Improper placement of furniture – Tall cupboards that take up too much wall space, lounges that obstruct the flow of foot traffic into a room, too large furniture that overpower the feel of the room.

5)      Lack of focal point – This means that there should be a strong focal point that draws the attention of the buyer.

6)      Ineffective use of lighting – Lighting that does not effectively illuminate their intended areas. A good example is downlights that do not produce enough light to lighten and brighten spaces.

7)      Inadequate or misuse of storage – Too many sellers use their cupboards to store and push stuff in, preventing the buyer from seeing opportunities for storage.

8)      Improper use, lack of or inappropriate artwork – Artwork is used to bring colour and texture to a room. It does not need to be on every wall, but needs to be used appropriately. Too much individual artwork that is applied in a home can sometimes be offensive to buyers. It is best to make sure you minimise any religious, personal, or nude pictures or artwork.

9)      Improper use of accessories – Overusing and over-staging of accessories on dining tables, too many cushions on lounge suites, too many trinkets and accessories placed on top of cupboards, coffee tables, etc.

10)   Lack of personality in the home – This is looking at subliminal, sensory stimulators. If you paint all your walls white, use white cushions, use white lounges, use white window finishings, it becomes a sterile environment. It is important to retain some personality in the home.

Property styling is becoming a required service for sellers when presenting their homes in the Perth real estate market, as sellers have less than 2.1 seconds to impress a buyer in the online market today. Property styling in Perth is available from experts such as Spruce Ups. Interior design is an additive process vs. Spruce Ups, which is all about editing your existing property. Our service is very personal. We don’t have a long lead time for works to be completed. And we’re always looking at incurring the minimum cost to get maximum bang for buck.

For Perth property styling, professional home staging and expert advice on how to avoid the ten common mistakes that property sellers make, give Spruce Ups a call at (08) 9389 7415.