The Benefits of Hire Furniture for Selling Your Home

Hire furniture adds a distinctive difference to a vacant home. When you present a vacant home for sale, the majority of buyers will be unable to visualise how all that space can best be furnished and utilised. Empty spaces can sometimes make your home appear smaller than it actually is. Hire furniture can provide the perspective that your buyers need.

Hire furniture is used in real estate staging/property styling to enable buyers to see how each room would fit their lifestyle. It is a hassle-free method of acquiring quality modern furniture to spruce up your home for sale, without the costs of actually purchasing the furniture that may not be of use after the home is sold. Most home buyers like to look up properties for sale on the internet. And having well-styled furnishings in your home photos is a sure fire way to attract their attention and gain more home viewings.

Statistics clearly show that vacant properties take twice as long to sell, and generally sell at a discount.  Related to this is another factor that many sellers forget to take into account: the holding costs. The longer it takes to sell your property, the more costs you incur. Some of these include mortgage costs, loss of rent, land rights, council taxes, insurances, cleaning, upkeep and general maintenance during the time it takes to sell. We recently uploaded a blog on our site that highlighted the true costs of a vacant home. This case study showed costs in excess of $29,000 for our client.

The initial investment in hire furniture starts from around $2500 a month. There are various styles of furniture that can be selected, but most are considered modern and contemporary. Many sellers have very personal tastes in furniture and décor, but this personal taste does not always suit the widest buyer market. A professional home staging company, like Spruce Ups, can advise you on selecting and placing the hire furniture, so that you can really show off your property in the best light and ensure that the hire furniture creates maximum impact during home opens.

Here are some ways that hire furniture can help add value to your property for sale:

  • Hire furniture provides personality to each room.
  • They give perspective for the buyers to view each room as it should be.
  • They draw the attention of buyers to key areas in the house and understate any areas of issue.
  • They give that WOW Factor and positive feeling as the buyers walk through the home.

Hire furniture for staging your home for sale can return up to three times your initial investment. Many sellers may find the initial cost of hire furniture expensive, but the investment pays off. Statistics show that properties that are styled for sale in Perth can achieve anywhere between 2% to 10% extra value.  Poorly presented properties often sell at a discount of up to 7%.

Buyers purchase a home on emotion and are looking for lifestyle choices. Hire furniture can provide buyers with an ideal view of what their life can be in your home and enhance their capability to see this.  Perth’s hire furniture options are distinctive, modern and appealing; coupled with home staging advice, they help ensure that the property styling is suited to the buyer market.

Styling your property for sale in Perth can be achieved cost-effectively with beautiful hire furniture from Spruce Ups.  If you have any hire furniture inquiries, contact Spruce Ups at (08) 9389 7415.