Spring Spruce Up - What are Buyers Looking for?

If you are preparing to sell your home, you have undoubtedly wondered what makes some homes sell right away while others stay on the market for months at a time. While location, price, and other considerations are always factors in how quickly a home sells, it is equally important to make sure the home is appealing to potential buyers with the use of furniture.

Buyers are buying a lifestyle and you need to present it to them by styling your home for sale.

Here are a few suggestions for sprucing up your home this spring and increasing your chances of selling it quickly and gaining the maximum price

Furniture and property styling

A home should never be left empty as buyers can’t visualize how the room will fit their furniture in it and rooms look much smaller than they are.  Hire Furniture is a way to get the WOW factor for styling your property for sale.

If hire furniture is not an option then using your existing furniture and furnishings is essential, but it may need to be re-styled to ensure the area suits the buyer market for your home. 
Some considerations are – 

  • Remove tall cabinets and book cases, they take up a lot of space in a room and make areas seem smaller
  • Ensure that no chairs or lounge seats are blocking entrances, walkways or are sitting in front of cabinets. 
  • Add cushions and throws to add colour and texture.
  • These few tips will ensure your home starts to fill larger and more spacious for buyers.

Remove curtains to make a room bigger

Most curtains take up to 5 inches of space in your room and restrict where you can place furniture.  In many cases curtains are poorly fitted, cheap, throw ups that are chosen to suit the colour choice and style of the home owner.

Removing curtains that fit this category and replacing them with slim line blinds will instantly change the room. Remember property styling is all about providing the best space available in each room to create an easy, flowing and modern look. 

Gardens and outdoor living

The front of your home is your calling card and needs to be balanced with the inside of your home. Buyers in Perth want an outdoor lifestyle. You can create this with effective property styling ideas and hire furniture options. Styling your outdoor alfresco areas provides the feel of an outdoor lifestyle for buyers. Make sure you also:

  • Ensure all areas are well cleaned by jetwashing
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Weed and trim up garden beds
  • Add wood chips or mulch garden beds
  • Style the outdoor living area with a suitable table and chairs or go for the modern look with the cane lounges which scream lifestyle living at its best

It is important to understand what buyers are looking for you in your home, each suburb has its niche buyers and catering to their needs will improve the saleability of your home.

Let Spruce Ups help give your property a stylish makeover and increase your chances of getting a good price for your home, call (08) 9389 7415.