How to improve your property presentation for under $500.

Cleaning is the cheapest and most effective way to instantly transform your home from grime to shine.  It will improve your property presentation for sale instantly.

Not everyone's levels of cleanliness are the same but when it comes to selling your home, there is a minimum standard Spruce Ups knows you must have - that is the property must "shine, sparkle and scream clean".

Before you put up your home for sale, put on your heavy-duty gloves, get out the industrial strength vacuum cleaner, your sugar soap and other products and get ready to do some serious, major presale cleaning.

As a home seller, you should remember that first impressions last; cluttered family rooms, dusty sills, mouldy shower areas, unkempt kitchens and rundown patios can turn off your buyers at the get-go.  Buyers will look at your spotty shower screen, brown stain in your toilet bowel, trapped insects in your light fixtures, or your moss covered paving and see that the present owners didn’t care. They will be wondering “so what else didn’t they care about”. This leads sellers only to one path through your house “seeking all the negative and problem areas” to collect all the evidence on why they should not buy your home or heavily discount it for any offer they may want to present.

Cleaning your home for sale is very different from everyday cleaning. It is much more than just dusting, sweeping, picking up scattered toys and clothes, and straightening up furniture and knick-knacks.  Cleaning your home for sale involves something called deep cleaning – extensive and detailed cleaning of your home from top to bottom.  It includes some serious scrubbing, polishing, de-cluttering and moving stuff around and sometimes out of your home.

And when the grime gets too tough for you to handle - bringing in the professionals: carpet and upholstery cleaners, oven cleaners, tile and bathroom cleaners, gardeners, roofing and garage cleaning experts, and window washers. 

REMEMBER – everyone’s level of cleanliness if different and there is no right or wrong when you are living in your home – but if you want top dollar for the sale of your home, then you need to put on your work clothes and get SCRUBBING!!!

If your home is dated and un-renovated, simply having it SPARKLE with cleanliness can convert that buyer and get the offer you want.  Selling a home is not a game of chance, it requires preparation – just like when selling your car.  Many people get their cars detailed ready for sale.  Do the same with your home and it will reward you.

Here are some key areas you need to pay extra attention to:

  • Flyscreens
  • Window and door frames, including skirting
  • Internal doors – these may not need a paint but a simple scrub.
  • Kickboards in the kitchen – many leave these and they have lots of wear and tear
  • Light switches and area around
  • Walls – light sugar soap may save you having to paint.
  • Clean your tiles professionally – it is cost effective and will change the look and feel or your flooring instantly
  • Don’t leave mould or grime in basins, around taps or sinks.
  • Eaves, awnings, gutters and pergolas

The list goes on. 

Okay, that sounds like a lot to cover.  To make things less daunting, let’s break it down into individual chores:

  • Scrub off the mould, dust, built-up dirt and grime in the shower and laundry areas.
  • Scrub all doors, door frames and skirting.  A small amount of sugar soap in warm water and a light scrubbing brush can get into hard-to-reach areas such as patterned doors and cupboard fronts.
  • Scrub the front of cupboards in the kitchen and bathrooms – and don’t forget the insides.
  • Arm yourself with a toothbrush for those tight corners and recesses that your scrubbing brush can’t reach.
  • Dust any decorative cornices or other decals on ceilings and walls.
  • Dust and clean all light fittings – remove those dead insects!
  • Use Silvo to shine sinks and troughs.
  • Use Mr. Sheen to shine dulled laminate surfaces.
  • Use the appropriate cleaner to wipe over dirty marks on walls if you can’t afford to paint.
  • Clean air-conditioning vents.

Remember:  Home buyers won’t accept a dirty home no matter if it is new or old.  Cleaning refreshes a property instantly.  Without having to spend thousands of dollars, you can undertake the most cost-effective option to prepare your home for sale. home.

Spruce Ups most common recommendation is cleaning, to improve your property presentation for sale. Styling your property with nice furniture but leaving dirty and grime around will over-shadow your investment in stying your home for sale.

So put on the music and get cleaning.