Think like a buyer when styling your home for Sale

As a seller when you first decide to sell your home, there are a couple of first stops you make.  

  1. The real estate agent to get a valuation, and
  2. The local listings on the internet to see what is on the market and has recently been sold.

One of the common mistakes that sellers make is not thinking like a buyer when styling their property for sale in Perth. We tend to style to suit out taste, which may not always be the best styling solution.  Incorrect and poor styling can lead to a loss of profit for a seller. As a seller you need to think like a buyer and consider many factors to ensure your styling hits "the widest range of the buyer market" for your property. Get this right and you will maximise your sale value by $10,000's.

You need to think about the "buyer attitude" for your particular property, what they are wanting in a new home? What are the lifestyle and living trends of buyers in your area? 

What many sellers miss is understanding the capacity of their buyer market and what they need to be targetting.  Go for the biggest range of buyers, not the smallest range i.e. a potential renovator - if you go for the smallest it will bring the smallest return at sale.  

Each suburb has a different target buyer market and there are numerous factors that influence the largest buyer market for your home.  

Some types of buyers in the market are:-

  • Renovators
  • Downsizers
  • Retirees
  • Families (many different types of families)
  • Overseas buyers
  • Professionals
  • First home buyers

...and there are many many more!

When I sold my home I targetted professionals and downsizers.  The buyers that purchased my home were downsizers...... I got $50,000 more than an original appraisal, I invested $6,000 in refreshing my recently renovated home and styling it to suit the widest range of buyers in the market for my home. It paid dividends for me and it can for any seller.

This list is not exhaustive but each one of the buyers listed has a different requirement and this determines the price they are willing to pay.

We all know that buyers aren't buying your furniture but your furniture and property styling choice becomes your marketable commodity.  It is the "label" on the product or the "design" of a shop front that draws the potential buyer to pick it up or enter the store.  It is this type of marketing attraction you want to use and apply to draw the buyer into your home so they fall in love and buy it.  

Property Styling or home staging goes hand in hand with the investment in your marketing campagin with your real estate agent.  You want to present the home in it's best light on the internet and in the marketing brochures to draw the most amount of your target buyers to the home opens.

Buyers are savvy and in today’s real estate market they have a large range of properties to choose from and are mostly time poor. 

Buyers will always buy a property that presents the best value, and is perceived as requiring little immediate work.  Remember that buyers are buying a dream and they buy on emotion.

View Sandy Anderson's (Spruce Ups) video on “Why Spruce Ups Works” and it will give you some more insights into how buyers think and why stying works.

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