Why should you de-personalise a home for sale?

Depersonalising a home for sale is when we remove all of our family photos, education certificates, religious items or any specific personal art.  

But why do it?

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to de-personalising a home for sale.  Some think it is beneficial to leave a photo or two in a home, and some think it is not.  I am of the opinion that it is not beneficial.  

When a buyer is invited to attend a home open, they need to feel 100% comfortable in the home at all times.  This may not be possible if they are looking at wedding photos, family photos, religious artworks and other types of very personal items in the house they hope to make their own.

DeI have personally felt very uncomfortable when entering a home and the first thing I see in the lounge is a large wedding photo on the wall and a mantle of family photos.  I have also attended homes with prayer rooms and have ended up tippy toeing out of the home as I felt extremely uncomfortable that I may have potentially disturbed the scene! 

Buyers need to feel that they can see themselves and not the seller as the new owners of the home.  Therefore, all personal items of the seller should be removed and stored.  The benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of storing family photos for a short period of time.

Top 3 changes sellers can make to depersonalise a home :

  1. Store all family and wedding photos for the short time that you have their home open.
  2. Take down any kids' artwork, activity timetables / calendars for kids from kitchen fridges and pin-up boards.
  3. Remove religious artefacts, very personalised artwork  (e.g. glamour photos) and other very personalised items.

How do you get sellers to see themselves in the home?

Place a long mirror down the hallway - as they walk down the hallway they see themselves! Best placed at the entry but not facing out the door, should be placed sideways.


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