Common Mistakes by Sellers that will blow your budget

Common Mistakes by Sellers that will blow your budget  


Spring is in the air and sellers start to come out of the wood work ready to sell.  It is a great time to sell as the gardens are looking their best, however our houses have taken a battering over the winter months and need a Spruce Up so you can get the most from the sale of your home.  

When Spruce Ups is engaged by a client we discuss all optins with them from proeprty stying to home makeover ideas to improve the look and feel of their home.  When we discuss these ideas with our clients we take into account numerious factors from property price, location, buyer market  and much much more.  These are important factors when deciding on what needs to be done to present the home for sale in it's best light.

There is a formula for success when preparing your home for sale and there are some common mistakes that sellers make when starting out on their property presentation journey.  Some of the free advice we get as sellers, is from our friends, family and real estate agent who all have our best interest at heart and provide us with an over-whelming rnage of advice and ideas on how you can improve the presentation of your home for sale.  I know I got it when I was selling my home.

This advice is generally Ok however is never a balanced view and doesn't take into account many factors for the seller and can lead to common mistakes.  These mistakes lead to wasted time and money.  How can you avoid some of these mistakes:-

  1. Set an initial budget - rule of thumb in the industry is between 1-3% of the house value.
  2. Gain quotes from service providers on the works you require to be completed.
  3. Build up a cost break down of the various works so you can see the overall total.
  4. Don't start any work until you know what you are going to spend.
  5. Build a timeline of when you want to start and finish and understand if you can complete the work in that time.
Three pitfulls that sellers fall into when preparing their home:-
  1. Over-spending on items or services that are not necessary.
  2. Starting works before understanding the full cost and options available.
  3. Personalising their makeover to their own taste.

These pitfulls will ensure you over-spend, delay getting on the market, miss getting maximum value for your home and not provide the right level of return on your investment, both time and money.

Preparation is key to sales success.