Should you use Aromas in a Property for Sale?

There are so many aspects to styling a property for sale, from cleaning, maintenance through to staging and styling ready for the first home open.  But should we be proactive in creating extra ambience by brewing a pot of coffee, baking bread, burning candles or oils.  Are these really beneficial.  Many friends and family will encourage sellers to do the coffee, candles etc.  

I had did a bit of research about Aromatherapy and learned some interesting information on it from an expert located in Kalamunda.  Her business produces beautiful local made products that is focussed on the benefits of aromatherapy.  One interest fact I found out is the intense reaction to a number of smells such a lavender and Ylang Ylan by people.  I personally don't like Ylang Ylang and will avoid buying anything with it in.  To me it smells like old boots!  Many men don't like lavender and in some cases it makes them feel ill. 

Many of the commercial candles, plug in smells and other such aromatherapy items generally have a base of some common smells such as lavender.  Would we want our buyers to have a negative experience because we were burning oil with lavender in it?  

As a expert in the field of staging homes for sale, I pondered this on many occassions, with some clients encouraged by family members to use burners, candles and oils at their home open.   

I say No...... reason I believe you should always work on minimising negative reactions by buyers at home opens.  I don't believe there is a payback on the time and effort to buy, stage and turn on these items for the home open.  This leads me to my next question - should you put in fresh flowers and if so what type? 

My recommendations for using aroma/smell in a home that is being sold are:-

  • Air your home out every day for the week prior to the first home open - open all windows, doors etc
  • Eliminate cooking, stale or musky odours using non-intrusive techniques such as Bi-carb Soda
  • Don't burn oil burners, candles or incense sticks.
  • Candles with smells can be used (but don't light), however ensure they are placed in open rooms so the smell is not overpowering
  • Don't bake bread or brew coffee - this is what I consider "over staging"
  • Don't use plug in smells unless it is necessary to manage a small odour problem and ensure it is on low

A house can smell lovely and fresh by opening by using what nature has given us - Fresh Air.  The best way to present your home for sale - Fresh Light and Bright.