Presentation vs Price - Why can't I sell my Home?

Why can't I sell my Home?

If wonder why some homes sell fast and others take forever to sell?  

Generally it is because the presentation or the price is not meeting what the market thinks.  So who determines the price of your home??????? Buyers, not real estate agents, not you and not your friends and family.  However, your real estate agent is their to provide a guide range, which is your appraisal.  So when you get your appraisal we all what to be at the higher end of that range and that is where Sprucing Up your home for Sale can make a huge difference.

I see in too many cases where owners have decided to do it on their own and have waste $1,000s upon $1,000s in renovations and makeovers that make little difference to the sale of their home.  Why?  How can this happen?  Easy, you are not thinking like a buyer for your home and you are emotionally invested in the presentation.

STEP BACK.... TAKE A DEEP BREATH and let go of your emotions....

That is where I come in, I provide the objective and direct ideas and solutions to ensure you present your home for sale with the least amount of spend and time.  I tell you why things won't work and why they will and I can get inside the buyers head and know what they want and are looking for.

You can maximise the sale price of your home buy enuring you follow some simple tips

Furniture and property styling

Preferrably a home should not be empty as buyers want to see how they can fit their bits in and also it provides additional emotional connection

If hire furniture is not an option then your existing furniture and furnishings will do. Some considerations are – 

  • Remove tall cabinets and book cases, they take up a lot of space in a room and make areas seem smaller
  • Ensure that no chairs or lounge seats are blocking entrances, walkways or are sitting in front of cabinets. 
  • Add cushions and throws to add colour and texture.
  • These few tips will ensure your home starts to fill larger and more spacious for buyers.

Remove curtains to make a room bigger

Most curtains I see are poorly fitted, over-sized and cheap installations.  Perfect for sleeping and making the room dark, but not very attractive for sale.  Curtains take up space and limit the furniture placement in the room

Remove them!.

Gardens and outdoor living

Kerb appeal is essential.  Buyers in Perth are looking for lifestyle. 

  • Ensure all areas are well cleaned by jetwashing
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Weed and trim up garden beds
  • Add wood chips or mulch garden beds
  • Style the outdoor living area with a suitable table and chairs or go for the modern look with the cane lounges which scream lifestyle living at its best

Sprucing up and selling homes across Perth Call Sandy and find out how you can cover the cost of selling your home 041799 5579