Would you like an extra $50,000 in profit?   

Perfect Presentation delivers Perfect Profits for sellers across Perth.  Presale styling and makeover is not a myth, it can truly deliver the greatest return to home owners.  You don't have to spend a million dollars to achieve this outcome.

The ultimate goal for any seller is to maximise the sale value by unlocking as much profit from their property as possible.  You also want to  SELL FAST with as little fuss, worry, anxiety overwhelm and stress as possible.

To achieve MAXIMUM IMPACT at sale with the LEAST amount of INVESTMENT can be achieved by any Seller.  Sandy can help take away the "mystery of renoations for sale" and provide you with simple and effective makeover and renovation strategies that are targetting at your buyer audience.

If you would like to take your home from Ordinary to Extraordinary for sale unlock premium profits - call me for a Presale Strategy Session.

Check out Spruce Ups amazing before and afters and case studies.

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Get the right Presale Strategy for your Home TODAY? 

Buyers will pay premium prices for properties that are well presented with nothing to do but move in.  It is more than "splashing some paint on the wall" it is about spending your hard earned money on the right things and not wasting your money on the wrong things.

Getting the righ strategy for presale works will deliver exceptional results each and every day.  Sandy is Perth's Leading Presale Property Solutions Expert, with over 20+ years experience in renovations and 5+ years directly focussed on Presale Solutions for sellers.

What's your reason for selling?  Would $50,000+ extra profit help you achieve your GOAL?

  • Larger family home?
  • Downsizing into retirement?
  • Over-extended financially?
  • Family situation changed?
  • Travel / family holiday?

Whatever your desired outcome or goal is each one of the above will require "Extra or More Money to Achieve the GOAL"

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Don't over-spend on your garden.  A neat and tidy garden will surfice.  People are more interested in the inside of your home - spend your efforts in the right areas, expecially those that will deliver the most value.


"I just didn't know my tiles would look that great"

Having a family and a husband that works away the stress and pressure was on as we want to be on the market by a certain time.  Knowing that I had clear direction from you Sandy made it so much easier.

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