Would you like and extra $50,000 profit from your property? 

This type of result is not impossible for a seller to achieve.  Just imagine what you can do with that extra money?

The ultimate goal for any seller is to maximise the sale value through unlocking as much profit from their property as possible, SELL FAST and with as little fuss, worry and stress as possible.

This can be achieved with Sandy's guided advice as Austrlia's Leading Expert in Presale Property Solutions. You don't need to renovate to make a profit from your home, nor do you need to spend a million dollars, what you want is MAXIMUM IMPACT AT SALE WITH THE LEAST INVESTMENT.

Let me show you how to take your home from Ordinary to Extraordinary for sale and find the hidden profit in your home.

Check out Spruce Ups amazing before and afters and case studies.

What is your DESIRED Outcome? 

  • Larger family home?
  • Downsizing into retirement?
  • Over-extended financially?
  • Family situation changed?
  • Travel / family holiday?

Whatever your desired outcome or goal is each one of the above will require "Extra or More Money to Achieve the GOAL"

My DESIRED Outcome was to gain $770,000 sale price for my home and get sold fast.  I didn't want to do more than 3 home opens.  I achieved that and gained an extra $56,000 above the real estate appraisal price. If I had listened to my agent at that time I would have LOST $56,000 - Sandy's home in Como.

Join me on my WEBINARS to learn more about how you can start the journey to make a difference in the sale of your property.

Spruce Ups


Don't over-spend on your garden.  A neat and tidy garden will surfice.  People are more interested in the inside of your home - spend your efforts in the right areas, expecially those that will deliver the most value.



"Everything about the service was great" Our house had been on the market previously for 9 months with no offer. 

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