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Cosmetic Transformation and Property Styling for Sale

Spruce Ups is Perth's premier presale property makeover and styling specialist. With over 4 years experience in the real estate market, we help residential and investment property owners to improve the saleability of their home with amazing results.  Our knowledge and expertise enables us to guide and advise sellers to make the right choices when preparing their home for sale.  We know what works and what doesn't and we understand what buyers are looking for.   

Our proven track record provides us with the knowledge and expertise to guide all sellers on how best to prepare their home for sale.  Call us TODAY for a no obligation chat (08) 9389 7415 or complete the form to the right.

Do you want an extra $30,000 profit on the sale of your home?

You do.... why wouldn't you?  But it's not just about the money it's also about a quick sale.

Every home has hidden sale value and we are here to help you unlock this value and realise it at sale time.

  1. Sandy delivers exceptional presale makeover and styling solutions to help you achieve your goals with the sale of your home.
  2. You can acheive amazing results on the sale of your home with the smallest changes.
  3. Sandy's presale presentation solutions are targetted at being cost effective.
  4. Spruce Ups is all about cosmetic transformation and not renovations.
  5. Home Staging and styling will help your home sell faster.
  6. We guide you to present your home to suit your widest target buyer market.
  7. Sandy's recommendations and style will minimise your stress and worry when preparing and selling your home.

Spruce Ups clients sell on average twice as fast as REIWA's average time on the market.  Less home opens means less interruption to your life.

Spruce Ups has also returned on average up to $30,000 in additional sales value to our clients.

Want the same results?

Don't wait call Us Today and make an appointment with Sandy. Call (08) 9389 7415 or compete the form to the right.

Spruce Ups

What is Home Staging for sale?

Home staging is the specialised art of preparing and packaging a home as a marketable product to attract the widest range of buyers (similar to products on supermarket shelves).  It is about presentation that creates a competitive environment, attract buyers in the door and ensures you stand out from the local real estate competition in your area.  

With the internet, todays home selelrs have less than 2.1 seconds to grab the attention of a prospective buyer.

Without good property presentation you can potentially be losing buyers before the home open and throwing away $1,000's in lost profits.


"Spruce Ups provides a great service for anyone who is time poor"  Juggling school runs, toddlers and a business didn't leave much time to prepare our house for sale. SpruceUps gave our time back and made selling easy.