Would you like to get top dollar when selling your home?

Cosmetic Transformation and Property Styling are the key to gaining the best results when selling your home.

Spruce Ups is Perth's ONLY full service presale property makeover and styling specialist. 

With nearly 5 years expertise in helping selling achieve the most amazing results from an extra $20,000 up to $250,000 on their sale price - we know the secret to minimising your spend and not waiting your home.

What maximum rental yields or capital profit on your property?  Get a professional to give you the right level of advice and guidance so you don't waste time and money.

Our proven formula works each and everytime for our clients.  

We can take ordinary homes to extraordinary competitive properties in the market.

No renovations.  Call us TODAY and ask us how we can help  (08) 9389 7415 or complete the form to the right.

Why Spruce Ups?

We are independent Presale Property Presentation specialist who work for the seller to minimise costs and maximise their sales results.  We have acheived amazing outcomes over 5 years providing additional profit from $20,000 through to $250,000 for our clients and we do it with no renovations.

  1. Sandy delivers exceptional presale makeover and styling solutions to help you achieve your goals with the sale of your home.
  2. You can acheive amazing results on the sale of your home with the smallest changes.
  3. Sandy's presale presentation solutions are targetted at being cost effective.
  4. Spruce Ups is all about cosmetic transformation and not renovations.
  5. Home Staging and styling will help your home sell faster.
  6. We guide you to present your home to suit your widest target buyer market.
  7. Sandy's recommendations and style will minimise your stress and worry when preparing and selling your home.

Get the right advice to day - check out our services to see which one suits you.  Top selling services is a Ready4Sale gold opitn - this has all the answers.

Spruce Ups

Exclusive Announcement - Spruce Ups is now offering presale home makeover packages that can transform your home in 2 weeks


The 2 most common questions ask by sellers at a consultation are:-

1. How much? and

2. How Long?  

will it take for you to transform my home and have me listed for sale.

Here is the answer - our packages to makeover your home and transform it from ordinary to extraordinaty start from $25,000 and can be completed in 2 weeks*. 

Spruce Ups statistics show that our cosmetic transformation makeovers can return to sellers up to 3 times  on your investment - this is around $75,000+* extra profit on the sale of your home.  

Want to know more - send us an enquiry from the form to the right.

*Conditions apply and the return is based on historical data



"Everything about the service was great" Our house had been on the market previously for 9 months with no offer.