Are you Market Ready? Do you have the right Presale Strategy?

Have you decided to sell your home and have commenced your sales journey.  Have you started to do your research on your property value and also considering what to do to the home to get it ready for sale?

There are many feelings that are common to all sellers that are brought about by conflicting information and pricing ranges.  

  • Are the appraisal values you received confusing and different? 
  • Are you getting conflicing information on what you should or should not do to your home for sale?
  • Are you worried that you might spend money on your home but may not get it back at sale?
  • Or are you thinking of renovating for sale but unsure if this is the right decision or what alternatives there are?
  • Are you worried you might not be able to sell your home and achieve the outcome you WANT?


If you feel like this, all I can say is that you are not alone.  You are not first seller to be left confused and scratching their head.  

Marco sought independent advice and help from Spruce Ups due to the lack of clarity from the real estate specialist in his area.  "I was unsure what I should do as the appraisal value ranges were between $150-200,000 diffeent"

Would you like to reduce your WORRY, STRESS and CONFUSION?  Would you like to have a clear understanding, clear direction and feel confident in what you should do to your home for sale?

Do you TRULY want to MAXIMISE YOUR SALE VALUE and get SOLD FASTER in the market?

I can help you.  Save you TIME, WORRY and ensure you PROFIT at sale.  BOOK a FREE Presale Strategy Session to discuss how I can help you.

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Don't over-spend on your garden.  A neat and tidy garden will surfice.  People are more interested in the inside of your home - spend your efforts in the right areas, expecially those that will deliver the most value.


"Sandy did an amazing job with our Dianella investment property" Sandy came through and immediately identified lots of little things that would prevent us selling the property quickly and drew up an action list to deal with them. 

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